Food is the Best Incentive

So, this weekend was full of 5ks, friends and food for me. Saturday morning, I ran a local Pumpkin Run 5k with my friend, Tim. You basically run and then get pumpkin pie at the end. I got a pretty decent time (I stopped my watch a little late at 20:50), but I don’t know exactly what I came in at. Oh well, I know I got 2nd for females and 5th overall. A couple things that didn’t go so well were the fact that my shoe came untied with one mile left and I refused to stop to retie it because this guy was RIGHT behind me and ain’t no way was I going to let him pass me. Secondly, the pie was “healthy,” so it had tofu in it…ugh, just why? Sorry, but tofu and pie should just never be said in the same sentence.

1476394_10152012339401163_1013084984_n 1454926_10152012341181163_337805226_n1458571_10152012339396163_314207102_n

We went to Village Bakery afterward for real food and I got a vegan cookie and chai tea…breakfast of champs!

1426163_10152012339041163_388568344_n 1471356_10152012339021163_1348885029_n 1459211_10152012339031163_367927663_n

Saturday night, I drove down to Columbus with some friends for the Hot Chocolate 5k the next morning. I had to see my high school friends who live there, so we went out that night and pretty much ignored the fact that the 5k started at 7:30 a.m. It was definitely a fun night, but we were hurting the next morning. The website recommended showing up at 6:15 (!!!) before the race. Well, we woke up at 6:30 and didn’t leave until 7:00. I was tired and stressing, for sure. When sprinted to the start line, which is pretty ironic and the race started shortly after.

Just my luck, my shoes came untied again…this time in the first five minutes. I was pissed and had to stop to retie them. The weather was rainy and windy, but just being out there with 10,000 5k and 15k runners helped keep me going. I finished in 21:35 and even though it wasn’t my best time, I was proud considering the lack of sleep from the night before. Plus, we got a super nice jacket and lots of chocolate at the end (I’m not a huge fan, unfortunately). 2nd out of 440 in the 20-24 female age group isn’t so bad, either.

1463488_10152014246271163_1104261382_n 1471210_10152014247131163_2032451836_n 1470411_10152014247346163_364639559_n 1469759_10152014247366163_1596329071_n 1452225_10152014247371163_172009942_n

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 5.13.35 PM

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