Do Runners Need to Get Over Themselves?

Happy Friday!

So, I read an article the other day, which more or less criticized runners for being too “into themselves” and pretty much bragging about the fact that they run. You can read it HERE.

I didn’t disagree with everything Mr. Stafko said…in fact, I have the tiniest feeling I may fall into his description of the attention-whore (pardon my French) runner. I mean, I have a blog about it. Oh, well. Sorry I’m not sorry! What I don’t understand is why he is only targeting runners for showing off their running achievements and using social media to reach a larger audience. I mean, no doubt that there are running magazines, blogs (ahem), clothing stores, bumper stickers, conferences, etc…But, TONS of other sports and activities have the exact same things! Crossfit (pretty much got it’s start on the Internet), football, baseball, yoga, swimming, biking, karate–take your pick. They all have websites, equipment stores and media specifically dedicated to them. Why call out runners for being proud of busting their asses running in crappy weather and before the crack of dawn when they’re far from the only ones who do it?? One day, if I ever run an ultra-marathon or an Ironman, I will tell every single person I talk to about it–meter maids, the guy at the gas station, my dentist. I’ll shout it from a mountain or a really tall hill if that’s all I can get to. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be proud of any goal you worked hard to reach. If you don’t care for running and/or respect those who do it, then stay away from it. It’s just that simple…problem solved!


My roommate, Angela, and I saw Capital Cities and Fitz and the Tantrums the other night. It was AWESOME! Capital Cities’ song, Safe and Sound, has gotten really popular. One of the lead singers has a pretty intense beard and for some reason I just thought it was funny since I picture him more as a lumberjack than a singer in that band specifically.


All week, my friends have gone out of their way to cook for me. I am truly grateful, but also concerned that perceptions of my cooking skills have not improved much :( Whatever, I’ll never pass down good food and company. Wednesday night, Bentley made a rice and lentils dish with onions. I can’t remember what it was called, but it combines Jewish and Middle Eastern flavors. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but I really liked it.

1451485_10152007267911163_994262123_n 999409_10152007267926163_2097864540_n

Jake showed me how to make apple dumplings and I cringed at the amounts of sugar, butter and shortening he dumped into the dough and filling.

1471207_10152008346986163_1520545106_n 1466084_10152008347011163_20820180_n

They were so so so good, though! Definitely worth a longer run today. He even let me do some of the cooking…what a trusting guy.

1393666_10152008346981163_625454030_n1385871_10152008346996163_225975305_n 1458503_10152008347336163_1608386696_n

I have never been more ready for the weekend in my life. A lot to look forward to in the next couple weeks. I hope you have good things planned heading into the holidays!

One thought on “Do Runners Need to Get Over Themselves?

  1. Your cooking skills have definitely improved. Ignore the haterz. I like the really tall hill line you’ve got up there, but you’re right. Personally I think people can brag about whatever makes them happy, even video games… if that’s your thing haha!

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