Comparing Running Shoe Brands

First off, my weekend went by super fast. I really like going home once in awhile. I was able to get a haircut and my car washed, which was nice. But, the best parts were seeing my dog, Katie, and my best friends.

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I brought home a tutu for Katie and could not stop taking pictures of her in it. She is too adorable.


The other Katie and I visited our friend’s school and celebrated a late Halloween.


I roasted acorn squash the other day using this recipe. I left out the brown sugar and used spray butter instead of regular butter, but it tasted kinda like a pancake with the maple syrup on it. I like it and will probably try a more savory version next time.

My main focus for this post is to just highlight the brands of running shoes that have worked the best for me. I don’t have any affiliation with any of these companies, just my honest opinions.


Do you remember a few years ago when these were popular?


I had  a pair because it was high school and EVERYONE had to get them. Even though I like Nike for some of their apparel–running shirts, shorts, headbands–I avoid buying their running shoes. I have a pair of Nike athletic shoes that I’ll wear to walk around in or go to class, but when it comes to exercising, Nike shoes don’t give me the right amount of support in my arches. Also, Nike Shox have been shown to be “biomedically unsound and can result in knee and back problems” due to the heel lift (The Bootcamp Effect). If you’re solely looking for vanity and shoes that look good, go for Nike, but if you actually want to workout in your athletic gear, go for another brand.



I have bought countless pairs of running shoes from long-distance cross-country spikes to shoes designed for trail running and even sprinting spikes. Usually, I go to a specialty running shoes store as opposed to Dick’s sporting goods because the prices generally aren’t as high. The ONE TIME I had my feet fitted and had a person working at the store recommend a brand of running shoes specifically for the needs of my feet, I hated them. The store guy watched my walk, my running stride and looked at my feet. I explained any issues I had with my feet and what I was looking for in my shoes. He recommended a pair of Mizunos. I decided to give them a try even though they were not my go-to brand.

Within two weeks of wearing them, I had shin pains and increased problems with my arches that I had never experienced before. I have flat feet and am slightly pigeon-toed when I run, so maybe Mizunos just weren’t right for me. All I have to say is, I will never try them out for my feet, again. I lasted a month or so in them before I had to get new shoes because there was no way I would make it through the cross-country season with them.


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You may already have figured it out, but Asics are by far, my favorite and most trusted brand for running shoes. I have had seriously more pairs than I can count in the past ten years and love them. They have consistently provided enough support for my arches without feeling heavy on my feet. Their grips on the bottom have saved me from slips while running on muddy trails or in the snow. I can’t even remember developing shin splints or shoe-related injuries with my Asics. I just can’t say enough about them. Definitely look into buying a pair if you don’t have a lot of experience choosing running shoes. On a side note, they always have an assortment of bright colors, which I love. I have my eye set on the hot pink pair on the bottom ;)

I hope my personal experiences with shoe selection helps!

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